Friday, October 31, 2008

Back from all trips

Dear friends,

It has been ages before I logged in again here. I truly miss this activity but I did not get the luxury of time to be in here. Somehow, I miss sharing with you our thoughts, our wishes to all your special days but I do pray all my friends are having the best of life irregardless where you are in the world and what keeps you busy.

For us, we are in the season of tennis since september, no picture taken yet as my computer is already overloaded with tennis photos:) But Alex and Steph are on the run not only for the balls but towards the final. Our team so far, won all our matches, we did 4 up to date. The forthcoming matches are getting tougher, we have to stay strong as a team hoping we can reach the semi if not the final.

Just came back last sunday from my trip to Philippines. It has been a marvelous time with my mom. She is growing older but happier. I spent a quality time with my sisters as well during my entire stay in Bacolod. On the academic side, another student was added in the family. Am doing ExMBA this semester. My classes are only 3 times a week but study time is taking a toll on my time table, nevetheless, I enjoy being a student despite of the long hours of reading my textbooks. I can't just go in class without any preparation. That's a principle. I get to gear up to my study habits. While Alex keep up with his academic achievements at bay, he is coping up with time for basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball. At last, volleyball season is over. Colleen is starting her university days. She is taking up medicine. I will be posting a special post on my daughter soon.

Christmas season is coming. Here in Dhaka, weather starts to be cooler, a raclette dinner is awaiting for guests to come.

All for now and hope to see you soon.

Hugs and Kisses to all my wonderful friends out there who have been thoughtful all thru my absence. Thank you so much guys, miss you all!!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

The multilingual Champion in the Family

Dear Friends, this news has been long overdue and am taking time to post this. For mama, it will always be news. I just would like to share how difficult life is for a multilingual kids like Colleen and Alex. They are face with cultural shock many times but am just thankful to their flexibilities and wide understanding of almost everything. He speaks french with Papa, ilonggo, english and french with me and english in school and with friends. Alex is new in AISD (American International School in Dhaka) This is an english medium school. He has been in French school for 4 years and shifting to an english medium of instruction is not that simple for his age. But he has taken his stride slowly into the system. In short, he had a smooth transition. As he is as well into sports, his talents have been recognized by the school and train him to achieve his full capacity. Am sharing the pride of our family in his latest performance in Tennis. This is not simply sharing with you his achievements but sharing with you how he cope up with his multiple challenges. Alex was chosen as one to represent the American International School of Dhaka (AISD) in New Delhi Tennis Tournament. He is seed # 2 in single tennis and he is seed #1 in doubles. The school has never won the first prize yet in Tennis. Alex showed a motivation way beyond our expectations. We were more stress than him preparing for the tournament. Alexandre was champion in Single Tennis with highest points and he and his partner got the 2nd place in Doubles. The girls players did a good job as well. It was all a united team efforts and finally this year, AISD got the Championship title in Tennis. The school welcome them back with a loud cheering. We welcome him and so good to see him all smiles. Alex is so much involved in sports activities after school. He is into soccer and basketball games. Like Colleen, he knows how to tweet in the choir as well::). So far, we are happy that his focus is still centered in school. He has received an award as an outstanding student in Math. I can only keep my joy on his achievements. I always keep my finger crossed that he will stay focus. . We are always there to remind him how much we love him and the only thing we want in life is for him to be happy in whatever endeavors he is into. In most times. he has been challenged but he seems to have a flexibility that is apparent to his day to day activities. He is growing up and face with challenges everyday. Sometimes, it's hard for him to take all at once. When he was in India for the tournament, he came back here and found a loaded school works waiting for him. A reminder that he has to be a student first before he is an athlete. We were there assisting him to have his homework done. Just a checklist for mommy that he doesn't miss anything. He is quite organized yet a constant reminders help although he doesn't seem to like it. He wants us to know he is responsible enough but his mommy is as stubborn as the fig tree::)). I want to be part of his daily activities. But generally speaking, teenagers don't like it Sometimes I feel bad if steph and I are in the club eating our dinner. He used to come with us but decided to stay home to finish his works. It's good but I find it unfair to let him home. He doesn't forget to say cuckoo to me at break in the morning and offers me doughnut buying it from his own allowance. I'm touch when he comes like that. I stay at a distance in school thinking he might be embarassed but he comes from time to time to say hi to mommy. Regular prayer is a big big help. I only wish I can keep up with him. I know, more is ahead to handle. (see the excerpt from the school newsletter here, february 27 issue, page 5)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Birthday greetings and treats

First, I would like to thank all my friends who greeted me. Ladies, you truly made my day so special. Dhay Fe, thanks for the advance sms and the ecard. Dhay ams, thanks for the call from France, Vicky, thanks for the ecard and special feature in your blog, Lucille, Kookie, Amor, Ligaya, Melin, Carlots, thank you for the thoughts. A very special thanks to my inaanak who really pose for her ninang. Barbs, thanks for the post and the bounties. here is my inaanak, the handsomest among the inaanak. Another special thanks to the labor love number from Alhambra, ala Celine Dion birthday song, dhay Fe thanks for the gesture of warm friendship and love. I would like to thank my colleagues in school for a huge surprise birthday cake, chocolates, red roses, greeting cards and lots of kisses. Feel so blessed on my birthday with all the pamperings. A big thanks to my Steph, Colleen and Alex for the birthday treat in Westin Hotel. We dined Italian dishes with a champagne toast from the three of them. They got excellent foods, I got a lobster with asparagus on fresh cream sauce. My husband wants me to indulge myself as it's my special day Just a lovely evening with my family. This year our precious daughter is with us and a wish come true. The pampering did not end in Westin, received flowers and unexpected gifts from family and friends. Barbs has sent a beautiful set of bracelet and necklace.
And here I am, in my pyjama still all smiles without my makeup on my new short hair. I really can't ask for more. Friday is our day of celebration with friends and kids. It will be in Dejavu Café and Lounge. Just click on the photos for a clearer view. Come join us if you can. Cheers!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

UN Masquerade Ball 2007

Winner of the Mask Competition
Dear Friends - It has been cold in Dhaka lately, we get to wear our boots, jackets, wool cardigans and linen pants. We get to wear socks inside the house and sweaters over our pyjama to warm ourselves. This is never like this in Dhaka for quite sometime. So got more time home and I was slowly organizing our albums. And would like to share with your our last UN Masquerade Ball. It was, as always jumpacked with guests of 450people, from different International Organizations, private entrepreneurs and Embassies. A gathering of diplomats, Bangladesh Elite and expatriates supporting the cause and enjoying the ball at the same. Our welfare projects and drives for the cyclone victims are really well supported..We had mask and face painting competitions initially. Since no one came with a painted face, it was then a mask competition all the way. We got two winners and I was one of them. The European Commission Ambassador awarded my price which I still did not open until now. Apparently, it's a dinner set. We had some art auction that night and raffle draw. It was a dinner gala on a table setting with dance at the end of the program. It was organized by the ball committee and the members of the executive board of UNWA (United Nations Women's Asso). Lovely masks were parading that night in different styles and colors. We had a face painting game too.White masks were provided in the table and the guests painted it with the talents they have.. It was fun and night worth spending for the victims of the cyclone. This affair is months of preparation, to get everyone together at one time. Booking the band, booking the hotel, making the poster, food tasting, decorators, writing letters to embassies and sponsors,sending them after, making brochures and menu and arranging the art auction. So much to do yet we had the most and it was such a great accomplishment for the board and members of UNWA. Welcome all to our masquerade ball.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Christmas and New Year to remember together

To my friends,a little update from us. The second part of the year 2007 has been our busiest time. When Christmas holiday was approaching, we were all looking forward to see our baby colleen. The pre-christmas trip to Phils. has given us the chance to see a little of our beloved archipelago. With only our Alexandre to cheer up, we went visiting the northside of Luzon. From Manila to Baguio, on to Bontoc and to Banaue. We finally get a lot of time to see most of the terraces built by our ancestors. It was an enriching trip for the 3 of us being my first time as well in those corners.
The trip back to Manila from Banaue was a long winding road and a two day rest in Manila was an absolute necessity. We then get on to Tagaytay. It's a quiet yet progressing city. We took the boat and walked up to the volcano crater. Most of the visitors there take the donkeys to go up, we preferred the stretch and it was our guide who rode on our donkey. It was an exhausting yet exciting and enjoyable walk. Our stay in Taal Vista was a comfortable and satisfying experience. We had a magnificent view of the lake and Taal volcano from our room. The foods in Tagaytay were really delicious. Back to Manila, we took time to rest although shopping was never discounted in the day's activity. The day of Colleen's arrival from Paris was the most awaited time for us. Once together, nonstop giggling and fascinating smiles join the season's decor and lights. Christmas was a complete celebration for us, not to mention that we spent it with my mom and family. My mom was teary eyed, she was full of energy in our trip from bacolod to Brazaville. She doesn't want to go back to the city anymore but we have to divert her thoughts to come back. It was a reunion for all of our families and really a beautiful christmas I should say.
Separating from the family was not easy as we get ready to go back to Manila and flew to Boracay. Full splendid memories for Colleen and Alexandre, the bonding time with cousins. We arrived in boracay in full spirit. Looking forward to the new year celebration. We were in the exclusive beach of Panoly. The place is beautiful and not crowded. Those lazing in the sun are only hotelguests but it's quietness made us feel limited in terms of fun. .From January first, we were in station one where the activities are. A mixture of fun, relaxation and dining, the abundance of seafoods was an irresistible treats. Just in the middle of all those vibrant restaurants, fascinating sailboats, clear water and white sandbeach. Kids are loving it. We went sailing and jetskiing. I did prefer the less crowded part of boracay in some days. But seeing their smiles and enjoyment, I forgot the crowds. Just a memorable time spent all together. In organizing this trip, the hardest part was finding a hotel with a two bedroom suite. We did find in Manila in Best Western Hotel and in Baguio but the rest of our accomodations were two bedrooms. Luckily, we get rooms just beside each other. All photos are now loaded will share it to you by email. Still wishing you all a fabulous year.